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Consumers use lending for many walks of life; starting a business, debt consolidation, vehicles, mortgages, home projects or perhaps a dream vacation coming true! Rest assured that we will help you through the entire process for whatever is next on your list.

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Loan Rates

Come see us to find out which rate and term you can afford, and then make your purchase. We’ll set up payment schedules designed for you, our customer.

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Business Loans

When you own your own business, there are always challenges that come up, like managing your cash flow for purchasing inventory. Setting up a commercial line of credit is smart and easy. It will keep your business running smoothly and your deadlines on schedule, whatever that business may be.

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Mortgage Loans

When looking for a place to fit your personality, contact us today!

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Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC)

That someday will be here before you know it, lean toward a Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) loan for funds as you need them.

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Personal Loans

When you were a kid, you daydreamed about swimming at the lake, water skiing and having fun with your friends. Nothing has changed, you are just bigger! Now is the time to stop daydreaming and experience your childhood dreams.

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Student Loans

Crossroads Bank has partnered with College Ave Student Loans to offer you access to Student Loans. College Ave Student Loans, a private student loan company, provides undergraduate, graduate, parent, and refinance loans.

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College Ave Student Loans