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Cash Management Services

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We offer a suite of online tools for commercial users, designed to efficiently process the collection of receivables, control disbursements or payments, reconcile accounts, provide balance information, and manage cash flow. Access to each service is assigned individually to authorized users or designated sub-users.

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Automated Clearing House ( ACH ) Credit Origination

This service is useful for small businesses that want to offer direct paycheck deposits to their employees ( Direct Deposit ).

ACH Debit Origination

This service is useful for small businesses that want to offer clients the convenience of paying their bills automatically ( Auto Debit or Direct Payment ).

National Automated Clearinghouse Association ( NACHA ) Import

This feature allows users to import NACHA-formatted files that include both credit and debit items. These files may contain balanced and unbalanced, mixed batch files including credits, debits and prenotes.

Wire Transfers

Use secure online forms to submit wire transfer requests to Crossroads Bank. Repetitive wire transfer templates allow you to establish templates for frequent or recurring wire transfers to a common beneficiary, or to control wire transfer request access by your staff.

Sub-User Administration

This feature allows a business owner or manager to allow others to access company accounts and online services on behalf of the company. Sub-Users may be granted full or limited online access to company accounts, and may also be granted full or limited access to submit cash management transactions. Dual control can also be established to require two users to enter / approve ACH origination items and / or wire transfers for further risk control.

Electronic Federal Tax Payments ( EFTPS )

This feature allows you to pay your federal taxes electronically to the IRS ( example: form 941 for payroll taxes ).

Depository Transfers

Electronically transfer funds to or from your designated settlement account with Crossroads Bank to other accounts you hold with other financial institutions.

Balance Reporting

This feature allows you to pull daily detail and summary reports of activity on your online accounts with Crossroads Bank. You can request reports by account or over one or more accounts by customizing your reporting criteria.

Book Transfers

This service allows users to make account-to-account transfers between your business accounts to manage your cash flow.

Positive Pay

This is a fraud control measure that assists in identifying items such as counterfeit checks, altered checks, misencoded checks and unauthorized copies. The system compares checks paid against checks issued by a corporate customer and identifies suspect items.

Remote Deposit

This service allows your business to deposit their scanned check electronically from the office, no need to come into the bank with daily deposits.