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Deposit Rates & Terms

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Annual Percentage Yield Accurate as of 5/10/2024.

Blue Chip (Monthly) ** 1

TierRateAPYMinimum DepositPenalty
$0 - $10,0001.73%1.75%$50N/A
Balances over $10,0000.20%0.20%N/AN/A
If requirements are not met0.01%0.01%N/AN/A

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Basic Blue

TierRateAPYMinimum DepositPenalty
N/AN/AN/A$50$3 fee if balance falls below $100

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Coffee Club (Monthly) ** 2

TierRateAPYMinimum DepositPenalty
N/A0.10%0.10%$1,000$3 fee if balance falls below $1,000

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Money Market (Monthly) **

TierRateAPYMinimum DepositPenalty
$0 - $9,999.990.10%0.10%$1,000$3 fee if balance falls below $1,000
$10,000 - $49,999.990.15%0.15%N/AN/A
$50,000 - $99.999.990.20%0.20%N/AN/A
$100,000.00 - $249,999.990.25%0.25%N/AN/A
$250,000 AND OVER 0.30%0.30%N/AN/A

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Personal / Business Savings (Quarterly) ** 3

TierRateAPYMinimum DepositPenalty
$0 - $24,999.990.10%0.10%$50$.50 fee if balance falls below $50
$25,000 - $49,999.990.20%0.20%N/AN/A
$50,000 - above0.35%0.35%N/AN/A

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Christmas Savings Account (Annually) ** 6

TierRateAPYMinimum Deposit

Super Christmas Club (Annually) ** 4 & 6

You must have at least one other account with us.

TierRateAPYMinimum Deposit
$0 - $2,0004.00%4.00%$1
$2,000.01 - above3.25%3.25%N/A

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Vacation Club (Annually) ** 5 & 6

TierRateAPYMinimum Deposit
$0 - $2,0004.00%4.00%$50
$2,000.01 - above3.25%3.25%N/A

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Read for Dollars Savings Account (Quarterly) ** 7

TierRateAPYMinimum Deposit

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Health Savings Account (Monthly) **

TierRateAPYMinimum Deposit

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Certificates of Deposit & Individual Retirement Account Rates **

TermRateAPYMinimum DepositFrequency of CompoundingEarly Withdrawal Penalty
3-Month CD2.48%2.5%$2,000Quarterly90 days interest
6-Month CD4.84%4.90%$2,000Semi-Annual90 days interest
12-Month CD1.99%2.00%$2,000Semi-Annual90 days interest
13-Month CD Special4.45%4.5%$2,000Semi-Annual90 days interest
18-Month CD3.23%3.26%$2,000Semi-Annual180 days interest
24-Month CD1.99%2.00%$2,000Semi-Annual180 days interest
30-Month CD2.48%2.50%$2,000Semi-Annual180 days interest
36-Month CD4.11%4.15%$2,000Semi-Annual180 days interest
48-Month CD2.98%3.00%$2,000Semi-Annual360 days interest
60-Month CD2.512.53%$2,000Semi-Annual360 days interest

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Important Disclosures

  • **
    • APY = Annual Percentage Yield / The APY assumes interest remains on deposit. A withdrawal will reduce earnings.
    • Rates are subject to change at any time without notice.
    • Under Regulation D, the right is reserved to require a written notice of not less than 7 days before a withdrawal is made.
    • We use the daily balance method to calculate interest on your account. This method applies a daily periodic rate to the principal balance in the account each day.
    • Interest begins to accrue no later than the business day we receive credit for the deposit of non-cash items (for example, checks). Accrued interest less than $1.00 will not be paid upon account closing.
    • Fees may reduce the earnings on the accounts.


  1. For Blue Chip Checking Account, account holders must have 20 or more Visa Debit Card transactions and receive e-statements to receive interest rate. Blue Chip Checking Accounts closed before interest is credited will not receive the accrued interest.
  2. For Coffee Club Checking Account, account holders must be 55 years of age or older. A service charge fee of $3 is assessed if the minimum balance of $1,000 is not met.
  3. For Personal / Business Savings, there is a $0.50 charge for each withdrawal in excess of 3 per four-week period.
  4. For Christmas Savings Accounts, Super Christmas Club Accounts, and Vacation Club Account if you close your account before interest is credited you will not receive the accrued interest.
  5. For Christmas Savings Accounts and Super Christmas Club Accounts, no withdrawals will be permitted, except to close the account.
  6. For Vacation Club Accounts, a limit of two withdrawals per calendar year are allowed. Penalties for excess withdrawals will be forfeiting all accrued interest and the account will be closed.
  7. For Super Christmas and Vacation Club, the accounts require a minimum of a monthly deposit of no less than $1 to be credited to the account from a Crossroads Bank checking or savings account via the bank’s automatic transfer system.
  8. For Read for Dollars Accounts, bring your report card to the bank with an “A” in Reading (limit one per school quarter).