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How It All Began

The south side of Effingham, Illinois, was growing dramatically in the mid 1970s. Not only had Crossroads Press opened a large printing plant on South Banker Street, but the Village Square Mall was being built to provide the City of Effingham with its first indoor shopping mall. The City of Effingham was booming!

Crossroads Bank was founded in the midst of that growth. Chartered in 1973 and opened in 1974 on South Banker Street in front of the new shopping mall, the bank grew quickly. As Crossroads Bank grew, a second facility was built in 1987 on Keller Drive, making banking convenient for all of the bank’s customers. Since that time, Crossroads Bank has continued to thrive and grow in the Effingham community.

South Banker Street facility

South Banker Street Facility

Keller Drive facility

North Keller Drive Facility


We Are Here to Serve You

customer appreciation lunch event held at our South Banker Street facility

The friendly atmosphere and welcoming spirit at Crossroads Bank helps make each interaction pleasant. We are here to serve you – our valued customers. The staff is dedicated and passionate about the future of the bank, as well as the financial well-being of all those who bank with us. The Board of Directors is extremely valuable to the growth and success of Crossroads Bank. They understand the importance of having a competitive edge and they embrace the accelerating changes in today’s technology.

Locally Owned and Operated

Crossroads Bank offers excellent services and products for everyone. We cover lending options for commercial, mortgage, and personal needs and we also offer trust services. Here at Crossroads Bank, we know how important technology is in today’s world and we will continue to keep pace with all the new technological innovations in the banking industry. Online banking has made it possible for Crossroads Bank customers to live anywhere and still maintain their relationship with Crossroads Bank! Whatever the reason or whichever  direction you are headed in life, all roads will lead you to Crossroads Bank. The bank remains locally owned and operated; we are truly a community bank!