Crossroads in Your Community

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See how Crossroads Bank employees are helping build a better tomorrow for your community.

We Don’t Just Do Business In The Community; We Are Part Of The Community.

Here at Crossroads Bank, we believe that the strength of our business is tied to the strength within our community. This year Crossroads Bank employees have served as board members, mentors, elders, and leaders in varied capacities within the community. As a matter of fact, Crossroads Bank employees have attended 90 such meetings, helping 13 different organizations provide their vital services to those in need. What’s more, Crossroads Bank employees have enjoyed being a part of the community so much that they additionally participated in 79 community events!

Our Strength Comes From You

Crossroads Bank started here. We remain in Effingham and we are still focused on Effingham. We know that our strength comes from you, the people of Effingham, and you are worth our efforts!