Common Fees and Features


ATM cash withdrawal limit (per 24 hour period) $300.00
VISA debit card withdrawal limit (per 24 hour period) $2,500.00


Replace lost ATM Card $10.00
ATM fee at ATMs we do not own or operate $2.00
Money orders (non-customer) $5.00
Money orders (customer) $3.00
Garnishments/Levies (per order) $75.00
Personal checkbook balancing (per month per account) $10.00
NSF deposited returned fee (per item) $ 4.50
Replace lost loan book $5.00
Night deposit bags (1st bag free) $20.00
Plain zipper bag (1st bag free) $5.00
Account activity printout $2.00
Account research (per hour) $25.00
Copies from microfilm (per item) $5.00
Account balancing assistance (per hour, $10.00 minimum) $10.00
Stop payments (per item) $25.00
Photocopies (per page) $ 0.50
Fax (local - per page) $1.00
Fax (long distance - per page) $2.00
Drill safety deposit box  actual cost 
Safe deposit box replacement key $10.00
Collection fees (non-customer) $ 20.00
Collection fees (customer) $15.00
Indemnity Bonds $10.00
Notary fee (non-customer) $ 1.00
Overdraft fees  - if overdraft amount exceeds $10.00 (paid or returned)(per item) $25.00
Daily overdraft fee  $5.00
Automatic transfer to cover overdrafts (per transfer) $5.00
Telephone transfers (per transfer) $5.00
Bill pay (first three months free) (free if customer has e-statements)(15 bill pays/month) $5.95
Bill pay fee for bill payments exceeding 15 per month (per bill pay) $0.55
Bill pay stop payment (per item) $20.00
Bill pay check reproduction (per item) $6.00
Bill pay ACH/NSF (per item) $25.00
Bill pay overdraft delivery of bill pay (per item) $20.00
Dormant fees - Savings Account with no activity for 2 years (per statement cycle) $5.00
Wires - see wire section for fees