Business Loans

Careful planning and the right credit package can take pressure off cash flow and help your business grow.

Crossroads Bank Loan Structure

  • Line of Credit:
    A commitment to meet working capital requirements for your company. Typically used for accounts receivable and inventory purchases as well as interim financing for construction projects.

  • Revolving Line of Credit:
    A credit agreement that allows you to borrow, repay and borrow again, without reapplying. Often used to purchase inventory and fixed assets, carry accounts receivable, ease cash flow problems or finance a merger or acquisition.

  • Letter of Credit:
    An arrangement that allows your business to substitute Crossroads Bank’s credit standing for your own. Particularly useful in establishing open lines of credit with suppliers.

  • Term Loan:
    Loans which provide a more permanent increase in working capital. Ideal for financing equipment, automobiles and trucks, real estate and expansion/acquisitions.

  • Commercial Mortgage:
    A long-term alternative for developing and purchasing real estate.

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